this body of work investigates adolescence and its possible speeches
In an attempt to deal with the passage of time and with the investigation of different subjectivities, I ask these people questions I do not know how to answer: “What is love?”, “What is the biggest mystery in the world?”, “Where do we go when we die?”, “How do you resist?”

Halfway there I’m invited in a class trip to a water park. There is a pink dolphin made of resin floating in a shallow pool, teenagers carry bottles of coca-cola and eat barbecue while celebrating the end of the semester. It’s summer in Belém.

In São Paulo, a group of girls is getting ready for their best friend’s 15th birthday party. The dance floor is filled with people who jump and hug, while they sing last week’s hit.


Funded by a fellowship by the University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with Pétala Lopes